Friday, October 27, 2006

Dollars to help Idaho politics make sense - Give today!

With huge amounts of money being poured in to Bill Sali's campaign from independent groups such as the NRCC and the detestible Club for Growth - over a quarter of a million dollars this month - Grant's campaign can use your money now more than ever. The DCCC has just today upgraded the ID-01 race to "red to blue" status, and will be contributing funds to this race that just might see a Democrat pull ahead. I just dropped $50 at his netroots donation page, and encourage any reader to do what he or she can. As Grassroots for Grant quotes from the Swing State Project:
Today, Friday, is the last best day to donate to your favorite candidates. Here's why: Over the weekend, campaigns will make their final choices about where to spend money - ad buys, mailers, get-out-the-vote efforts, etc. After that point, almost all major spending decisions will be complete. That makes it hard to effectively spend money received during the last week of the campaign. Final-week contributions are appreciated, sure, but cash received by today is a lot more valuable.
On Monday night, I was at the county Democratic headquarters with other volunteers stuffing envelopes for local candidates and listening to talk radio. It was a call-in show about the Bush administration and the Iraq war, and a woman called in sobbing about her nephew's injuries in Iraq. It was horrifying to hear, and really brought tears to my eyes. I took comfort that I was at least sitting in an office, giving my time and energy towards turning one of the nation's reddest states blue, and contributing to changing this country's direction toward sane policies and compassionate governing. A year ago, I would never have imagined I could feel that I was contributing to national politics from Idaho. I've been talking to Idaho Democrats who are also feeling newly empowered, and see people like me who have been giving where they never thought it would make a difference before. This is the year to get out and make your voice heard.
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