Monday, September 11, 2006

You know, I hadn't thought of that...

...but then I generally don't go around thinking batshit crazy-ass stuff. Local(ish) wingnut extraordinaire, Clayton Cramer:
What this may come down to is this: Osama bin Laden and his fellow jihadis may well have figured out that the only way that they can continue to feel good about their place in the world is by reducing the West to the same level of desperate impoverishment as the Arab world. This also explains the left's alliance with bin Laden almost from the beginning--they also share this resentment that the West isn't desperately poor (but not enough to give up their private jets and Ferraris).
Oh, the pleasures of nutpicking. Read the whole thing for a bonus racist insight into why money Arabs make isn't as good as the money white people do.
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