Thursday, September 07, 2006

Who belongs to that 50%

You hear about studies that say that a majority of Americans can't find England on a map or tell you who the Vice President is or use velcro properly, and you always wonder who, exactly, these people are. I wouldn't count any of my friends amongst them, and don't even suspect any of my acquaintences as being that dumb.

I had similar thoughts when I heard this summer that 50% of Americans then believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction when we invaded. Who are these bozos?

Well, I've found one here in my own state of Idaho. Who is it? None other than Republican nominee for the 1st congressional district congress seat, Bill Sali. From today's Lewiston Morning Tribune: (Sorry, no link)
But, Sali insisted weapons were recently discovered and that early in the war weapons were spirited away to Syria. "I know that I saw it on the TV station," Sali said. "It might have only been on FOX, come to think of it."
So that's one - where are the other 149,999,999?
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