Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Carnival of the Feminists 24: Call for submissions

I'm going to be hosting the next Carnival of the Feminists here on October 8, so I'd like to invite anyone who's lately written anything particularly interesting on issues relating to feminism to submit their pieces for inclusion. You can use the Blog Carnival submission form (which is easiest for me) or email a submission with "Carnival 24" in the subject line to saraeanderson (at) gmail (dot) com. I haven't come up with any kind of theme, so consider Carnival 24 to be a feminist free-for-all.

If you're not familiar with blog carnivals, check out the currently running Carnival of the Feminists 23 at Lingual Tremors. The basic idea is to gather together some of the most interesting and current writing in the feminist blogosphere, and get a picture of the body of feminist thought being produced by feminists themselves. It's a great opportunity for newer or previously unseen bloggers to get some exposure and make a place in the feminist movement for their ideas. I'm setting the deadline for Friday, October 6th at midnight. That's a ways away, so if you don't have anything written yet, this is the perfect reason to write that long post you keep meaning to.
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