Thursday, August 31, 2006

x for Grant

When I saw that a group called Breast Cancer Survivors for Grant is forming, my first thought was, "Geez, another one?" So far, we've got Educators for Grant, Veterans for Grant, Republicans for Grant, Students for Grant, and Netroots for Grant. It's great to see that people from all walks of life in Idaho are coming out in support of Grant, but take it too far and you risk diluting the sentiment.

(No offense, Julie.)

Anyway, I was wondering what having survived breast cancer has to do with who you're voting for, and my question was answered. From Grassroots for Grant:
Breast Cancer Survivors for Grant is now forming. This is a group of Idaho women and their family and friends who support Larry Grant because he knows it is important to balance religious faith with the weight of scientific evidence, and because he backs research for finding cures for breast cancer and other diseases.

If you agree, and if you share our concern with the Republican candidate's repeated attempts to link breast cancer and abortion, we invite your participation.
Aha! Bill Sali famously brought a fellow legislator to tears, in-session, in service of mandating state-sponsored anti-abortion propaganda in the form of "informing" women that abortion would increase their risk of breast cancer. This is not true, and even more untrue was Sali's insinuation that his breast-cancer-survivor colleague could only be in such a position due to having had an abortion in her past. Of course, I wouldn't think any less of a person who'd had an abortion, but it's certainly not fair to demand intimate details of her medical history.

Good show, Breast Cancer Survivors for Grant.
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