Monday, August 14, 2006

What do you call the opposite of nutpicking?

While you do get your share of nutbars and trolls on blog comment boards, there usually can be a lot of interesting discussion to be found in between the people who still think it's funny to post "frist!" Check out this very insightful comment from reader kgsavoie at, on the subject of the "I had an abortion" t-shirts.
The thing is, I never saw the t-shirt as a defiant in-your-face statement. I saw it as an awareness-raising tool, like the gawd-awful ribbons-in-every-color thing or the Lance Armstrong bracelets, only bolder. I never saw it as proclaiming, "I had an abortion, and it was awesome!" but as a way to combat the shame that is so deeply rooted in isolation, in feeling alone, like you're the only one.
How much would the world change if we did not live out of our fears of being alone & apart. Imagine a world where everyone had t-shirts that read, "I had an abortion", or "I have $35,000 in credit card debt" or "I have depression" or "I think I'm ugly" or "I am afraid of dying alone". Imagine if everyone around you owned their reality and you began to see the world for all its complexity, your neighbors with all their vulnerabilities, your colleagues with their insecurities and foibles and fears. Wouldn't it be more fearless and more compassionate?
How would it change politics if we could see for real what the sanctified "mainstream" really did look like?
These politicians who prey on our fears and insecurities by referring to the "mainstream" and progressive ideals as being "out of step" would be out of their jobs faster than they would know what happened. *sigh* to dream big....
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