Saturday, August 12, 2006

Nutpick of the week

Kevin Drum's introduction of the term "nutpicking" to describe the practice of using the nuttier comments on a blog to reflect the readership and writers of the blog as a whole was a great thing. Nutpicking is being abused more and more as reporters who have finally forayed into the internet are as shocked by the nuts as most of us were when we first fell for goatse.

Nonetheless, I find that sometimes a bit of recreational nutpicking is in order. Therefore, I shall display on a weekly basis my favorite nutpick from my travels through the blogosphere. This inaugural nutpick was found on the letters page of Salon's Broadsheet blog, in response to a story about a rohypnol detector being developed for use in bars. You can see my serious thoughts here, but as is often the case on Broadsheet, the discussion broke down into a bunch of oversensitive dudes complaining that it's the feminists who are actually sexist and the perpetrators who are actually the victims of rape.
Feminists have massive blinders on

If anyone here is sexist, it's you for denying that a culture of machismo, misogyny and 'praise the raping jocks, punish the vicitim' exists in America. Just turn on the TV to see what I'm talking about.

A good plurality of attractive young American women FREELY and deliberately seek out and support such boorish behavior among the macho, mysogynistic, jock men by rewarding these men with affection, love and sex...may I add again, quite often at the expense of responsible, good, more balanced men.

The problem lies with women ultimately, because if women CHOSE better they could actually use their power to IMPROVE their world and the world of all their female offspring by denying these men the right to procreate for once.

But NO, the good men, who are NOT macho jerks, are not even participants in this race.

So why are boys WRONGLY taught to be nice to girls in school? Is it a punishment to be deliberately meted out to the boys/men who actually LISTEN to the messages they are taught?

So I try to change. I try very hard to act like these dicks. But try as I might to act like a jerk around women, I am not good enough at it (so far) to be the success with women that the world class macho jerks are. Women still see me as a balanced, kind confidante who they can trust but who does not deserve sex and love and affection. Must be that I am repulsive.

Women seem to never want to accept responsibility for their behavior and their choices- it is too much fun to just lump together and badmouth men instead.

-- brightstar65

PermalinkFriday, August 11, 2006 9:49:37 PM
So if we women were smarter, we'd know that we should sleep with this dude who knows our secret need for humiliation and pain. If you ever wanted to know why I roll my eyes when I hear someone say "nice guys always finish last," you can thanks brightstar65 for making it all too clear where that sentiment is usually coming from. This is just an unusually manipulative, whiny and ineffective tactic that some guys try to use to get laid - belittling a woman in hopes that she'll feel small enough that she needs you. I've seen it in 'action before - a guy's argument for getting in my pants once was basically, "You're a slut, so you pretty much have to sleep with me!" It didn't work then, and as the "nice guy" will attest, it rarely ever works. At least your run-of-the-mill jerk has enough understanding of the fact that women are human beings that he'll pretend to like them.
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