Thursday, August 03, 2006

Great Idea!

Ezra Klein posted about the widely-accepted tragedy of rape in American prisons, and the comment thread below was quite dismaying. Example 1:
Count me as one of the people who gets a good laugh out of inmates getting raped.

of course the typical liberal response is to do insane shit like giving them work release, more privileges, cable TV, etc so we can make them feel more "human" therefore they wont resort to this savagery.

Hey liberals I got a better idea. Why dont we just pay for prostitutes to come in and service the inmates so they dont feel the urge to rape each other? I'm sure thats a good taxpayer use of money, and the local prostitute market would like it too
Posted by: joe blow | Aug 2, 2006 9:54:28 PM
Example 2:
I doubt that prisoners suddenly become homosexual upon entering prison. It's just obvious: they are locked up with the same gender for years. If we want to reduce prison rapes, there's one easy answer: institutionalize conjugal visits, perhaps as an incentive to work and to continue good behavior. Beyond that, psychiatric or at least psychological counseling is often beneficial to people who would (or did) commit crimes.

Posted by: Adam | Aug 3, 2006 7:35:41 AM
How sensible. Rape women instead of men. Then everyone's happy, right?
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