Friday, June 30, 2006

Victoria's Secret is...women are the commodity

Don't be fooled. Victoria's Secret does not exist to sell lingerie to women. Victoria's Secret exists to sell women to men. Take this incident for example.

Rebecca Cook of Burlington said she tried to use a dressing room at the store, but when one wasn’t available, she prepared to breast-feed in the store. An employee said no, pointing her toward the mall’s restrooms.

Cook said the store manager told her the employee probably thought the “sight of her breasts might offend a customer.”

In a similar case, Jessie Chandler of Massachusetts entered a Victoria’s Secret store on June 22 to shop. Chandler asked if she could use the dressing room to nurse the baby and was directed to a bathroom outside the store instead

In other words, if you think Victoria's Secret is at all concerned with making women happy, you're sadly mistaken. Breasts may be pushed up, lifted, and/or separated for the viewing pleasure of men. Any other display of the female body is too offensive to the VS clientele. If you must follow your non-sexy biological imperative, please lock yourself inside a small space meant for the excretion and disposal of human waste. And don't come out until you're sexy again.

PS - Victora's Secret does not have any corporation-wide policy against breastfeeding, so this is a localized event. Why doesn't it surprise me, though?
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