Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Idaho's state legislature is controlled by Republicans.
The 58th Idaho Senate contains 28 Republicans and 7 Democrats, with the 58th Idaho House of Representatives contains 57 Republicans and 13 Democrats.
This is a problem for me, as a Democrat, since my guys really have very little way of getting their legislation even through to a vote, let alone passing a law. I would also say that this is a problem for every Idahoan because the Republican-controlled legislature really hasn't made much progress on issues such as property tax reform. But who is to blame? Let's take a look at one of today's Huckleberries Online discussions.
Alice Rankin: Don't you know DFO, that Democrats run as Republicans in Southern Idaho, and it's even beginning in Republican Kootenai County. That's because they can't get elected in their own party, so they run in the Republican primary mostly against conservatives. That's why we can't get property tax relief or most social issues through the legislature. The majority of the R's are RINO's. Especially in the Senate.
Un-be-lievable. This might be somewhat realistic if any of the progressive legislation proposed this last session were approved of, or even if some of the more retrograde bits were denied a chance to become law, but that's just not the case.

Rankin, your people just aren't doing a good job. The Republicans have shown themselves to be completely incapable of reducing government spending or hammering outa sensible tax policy. It's time to try something different, because this Republican thing is not working out.
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