Monday, June 05, 2006

Take some responsibility, will you?

Someone is a little miffed that women think that pro-choice doesn't mean "pro-Darleen's choice." A Washington Post article written by a woman "Dana L." who fudged her birth control, wasn't able to access Plan B, and ended up aborting the subsequent unwanted pregnancy has ruffled some so-called pro-choice feathers
God help me, I'm pro-choice, but THIS stupid bitch... confirms every snarky stereotype the pro-life side of aisle tosses around. Get out the cheese and crackers, friends, here's a case of whine...
Darleen goes on to disparage every decision this woman makes in her attempt to prevent her pregnancy, all peppered with lovely misogynistic insults about the article-writer's vanity and laziness.
What's that, about 30 minutes out of one's day? Now, don't tell me that Dana wouldn't have spent most of Friday evening and Saturday to track down the perfect pair of shoes for a Sunday cocktail party. But why should she bother to put any more effort in getting a prescription to prevent a possible pregnancy than she used in making sure she practiced "safe sex?" Using the same exquisite decision-making powers, our heroine engages in a little fantasy
Nice. She might as well accuse the author of sitting on the couch eating bon bons and watching soap operas in her housedress while she secretly enjoyed the savaging she deserved from the sperm swimming inside her. Darleen also does not hesitate to insert some moronic anti-contraception talking points into her screed against choice, insisting that, for instance, Plan B ought not be available over the counter because dirty old men will use it to take advantage of teenagers. (Because they'd never thought to use a condom.)

The best part is the tongue-lashing that Dana L. recieves for an admitted misstep in her birth control habits.
No shit, Sherlock? I mean, you actually have unprotected sex and you got pregnant? Wow. What.are.the.odds? But hey, sister, don't let that make you wake up and take responsibility. There is always someone else to blame.
Silly, stupid, irresponsible Dana L. plays with statistics and loses. If she had really been thinking, she'd have avoided marrying alltogether. It is more likely than not that a woman who marries a man will end up pregnant. Why play dice with your future? Maybe it would have been better for Dana L. to never have dated at all, or entered puberty. 100% of pregnant women went through puberty after all. Maybe Dana L. should have stayed in her perfect, pure fetal form her entire life, just so she might not make a mistake later on in her life.

Life isn't perfect, and neither are human beings. Dana L. screwed up, but that's no excuse for a bunch of loony fundamentalists to hijack the scientific discourse in the medical regulating bodies in this country and deny her the chance to avoid a pregnancy she didn't want to carry to term. There is no scientific reason to keep Plan B behind the counter and the spiritual reasoning is on pretty shaky ground as it is. Darleen would have us believe that anyone whose birth control regime is not perfect deserves to be pregnant regardless of whether they would like to be. That's as sensible as saying in the 1700s that anyone who gets a nasty cut deserves to die of sepsis. Given any other administration, Dana L. would not have had an abortion. Women deserve access to safe and effective contraception, no matter how they arrived at the pharmacist's counter, and no matter what they plan on doing once they leave. Dana made her choices, but they were unnecessarily and unkindly restricted by paranoiacs and judgemental weirdos like Darleen when they step into the voting booth. If your objective and inerring tragedy meter isn't getting high enough signal for you to be satisfied that Dana L. deserved the right to make her own decisions about her body, please remember that your finger-wagging has made this abortion no less real, while over-the-couner Plan B would have done a lot toward avoiding it.
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