Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What is wrong with this picture?

I've never met a woman who tells me that she can go into a store and buy something that fits her. This conversation at is a great example of how most conversations about shopping go when I have them with other women. I know I've sounded exactly the same way, but I find it suspicious that NO ONE can find clothes that fit them. There have got to be deeper issues about body image insecurity here, but I still don't see why this all goes so badly.

Why, oh why, isn't this a problem the good ol' market can fix? I know that since gaining some weight and being totally lost in a clothing store, I've just stopped buying clothes as frequently. Isn't there someone who wants to make products that their consumers actually like and can use? And, even if a lot of the reason these clothes aren't fitting people is psychological rather than physical, isn't there someone who wants to capitalize on my insecurities about the current incarnation of my body? Either clothing designers are complete morons, or their tactic of creating problems (you're too fat!) for their solutions (wear this girdle!) is working too well.
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