Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I think it's a tie

Women's studies professor has some topless pictures on her flickr account. Students who want to discredit her find them and call the local news. I have to agree that it's a pretty lame excuse for a scandal, but the professor's response is pretty melodramatic.
Now we need to take responsibility for our part in this. These young people were raised by us, and we are the ones who have taught them that they should have revulsion for nudity and sexuality. We have also taught them that it's appropriate to police women's sexual behavior, that they have the privilege to interfere in female self-determination. As Americans, we have failed them, and I hope that we can continue to evolve as a culture in a direction that is more life-affirming and less fear-based. I have dedicated my life's work to this type of education, one that shows the history of and contexts for our current beliefs and actions and therefore gives us the power to change, should we so choose.
I can't believe I have actually witnessed someone saying "As Americans, we have failed them..." It's silly of these students to think that this professor will get in any real trouble for showing her boobies online, but it's also silly of this professor to think that this wouldn't create any hubbub. If she'd been fired, maybe I could get upset over this, but for now I don't feel like I've failed anyone.
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