Thursday, May 25, 2006

I gotta get out of town

I'm going to be in Boise this weekend, meeting up with some other Idaho bloggers and visiting old friends, and I think I need a break from the internet anyway. I'm experiencing a kind of wacko politics burnout lately - really, why can't they come to their senses and agree with me?

In the meantime, Tuesday's primary in Idaho brought a lot of interesting developments to Idaho politics. Namely, the ID-o1 congressional race has brought forth Bill Sali, nutbar in the extreme, as the Republican opponent of the moderate and very competitive Democratic candidate Larry Grant. I have not at all been able to organize my thoughts on these issues, but there are plenty of Idaho bloggers - ones I hope to be meeting up with this weekend - who have. Check it out.

Red State Rebels is the blog of a Boise politico who works on the Grant campaign. Julie is pretty up-close-and personal with the Boise political scene, so check her out for the latest gossip and events.

Idablue is written by a South Idaho Democrat with a good handle on how political discourse works in this state.

Liberal Idaho is exactly what it sounds like. I like the ring of it, myself.
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