Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday Food Blogging*

Since I have been so neglectful of poor Orexia of late, I'm going to try and be disciplined about some Friday food blogging since I don't have a cat but I do like to cook. And, a happy coincidence of events is bringing me a little-while cat named Tortilla, so I can have combination food/cat blogging, and pretend to be one of the cool kids.

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I am going to provide a guide*** to Moscow's Mexican and Mexicanish cuisine. This information has been obtained through diligent research and at the expense of my waistline, so Muscovites, listen up.

First of all, let's discuss the players.

Sit-down restaurants: If you want to go to a place where you can sit down to a meal with warm chips and salsa, margaritas, and get distracted by waiters yelling about how how their plates of sizzling fajitas are, you have two choices: el Mercado at the Eastside Marketplace, and La Casa Lopez on Main Street.

Semi-enclosed establishments: In the past few years, Moscow has welcomed the arrival of Patty's Mexican Kitchen, and San Miguel's Tacos. Patty's was the first to arrive, and is adjacent to the UI campus, sitting kitty corner to the Student Union. San Miguel's drove into my heart (and stomach) about a year ago, and is parked on Jackson street across from the Royal Motor Inn.**

Fast food: call me a blasphemer, but I can really enjoy me some Taco Bell and Taco Time.

Food Item




San Miguel’s

While Patty’s has superior carne asada, they use the ever-more-present garlic-herb tortilla, and I simply cannot abide by it. Patty’s alambres burrito deserves an honorable mention, but you can’t go wrong with a San Miguel’s chorizo burrito.

Tacos, meat or chicken

San Miguel’s

If you’re not going to eat tacos al carbon or tacos al pastor, you shouldn’t be eating a taco. And if you are eating tacos al carbon or tacos al pastor, you should be eating them at San Miguel’s. If you want a margarita with your food, try El Mercado.

Tacos, fish


This is the original food item that had me stopping by Patty’s quite often on my walk home from school in my undergrad days. The fish burritos are cursed with the aforementioned garlic-herb tortilla, but the tacos, they are delish.


San Miguel’s

This is the only place I’ve ever had them, so I really shouldn’t pass judgement. I can say however that they’re frigging huge.



Great selection, and Patty’s patio is an excellent place to sit in the sun and drink a microbrew, import, or if you’ve spent too much money on delicious food, a PBR.


La Casa Lopez

It’s a block and a half away from my apartment, so I can stumble home no problemo.


San Miguel’s

They’re perfectly greasy in such a way that the flavors are propelled into your taste buds, but you don’t feel slimy after eating them.



They’re the only ones who have it, and it may be a stretch of the term “barbecue” but their ribs are divine.


Taco Time

‘Round these parts (i.e. my household) Nacho Saturday is a religious holiday.

Fast-food sludge

Taco Bell

There is no “rationale” for eating this – it’s by definition unreasonable. I just wanted to suggest using the drive-through, so you don’t have to witness the nastiness of this restaurant. Ignorance is bliss. Kind of.


San Miguel’s

I haven’t seen them anywhere else.

If I have made a grave error in judgement, please let me know.

*Please ignore the timestamp on when this was published. I started it before midnight, so I think it still counts.

** The Royal Motor Inn is a famously terrifying cheap motel in downtown Moscow that my husband once had the good fortune of staying in. When I asked him how it was, he told me "I had to sharpen a cockroach to kill a rat."

*** You can call this the "Mexican Food Matrix" if you like.
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