Thursday, May 18, 2006

Endorsements: clearing up the air

With all the wild speculation about where F-words stands on the crowded Idaho 1ast Congressional District Republican primary, I feel it's important that I make my feelings and my loyalties known.

First, let's explore what's going on here. A while back, I was thinking aloud about the contenders for the first district congressional race in Idaho, and apparently I gave the impression of an endorsement for Sheila Sorenson. My quote:
I have to say, if Democrat Larry Grant doesn't win the election, I would be absolutely mortified if Bill Sali were to be representing my district at a federal level. Sheila Sorenson, I could probably live with. Maybe.
I will confess that I didn't make myself clear, and can understand how Republican Keith Johnson misinterpreted my stance. In fact, his campaign recently made this statement:
“2 out of 3 left wing, Idaho bloggers endorsed Robert Vasquez in the Republican primary for Congress. Because he would ensure the Democrats a win in November. The third endorsed Sheila Sorensen. Enough said.”
We can see that I am not the only one being unclear here, and Randy Stapilus was good enough to ask the Johnson campaign to clarify its position, with the resulting explanation that this third blogger was indeed Yours Truly.

I want to be absolutely clear here: I do not endorse Sheila Sorenson in the Republican 1st Congressional District Primary. My earlier statement was clumsy and confusing, but I am not going to make that mistake again in registering my official endorsement: I endorse Keith Johnson in this race. He has run a formiddable campaign, and I truly believe that voting for Johnson in the primary would serve the best interests of every 1st District Idahoan. I wish every Republican primary voter to consider my strong support for Johnson when they enter the voting booth. My voice may be only one, but my values are clear and now so are my loyalties. Vote for Keith Johnson.

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