Sunday, May 07, 2006

Democrats' plan of action

The Washington Post is reporting the House Democrats' immediate plan of action, in the event of a D takeover this November.
"House Democrats have formulated a plan of action for their first week in control. Their leaders said a Democratic House would quickly vote to raise the minimum wage for the first time since 1997. It would roll back a provision in the Republicans' Medicare prescription drug benefit that prohibits the Department of Health and Human Services from negotiating prices for drugs offered under the program.

It would vote to fully implement the recommendations of the bipartisan panel convened to shore up homeland security after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Democratic leaders said.

And it would reinstate lapsed rules that say any tax cuts or spending increases have to be offset by spending cuts or tax increases to prevent the federal deficit from growing."
These all look like great agenda items (look to Obsidian Wings for more info), and I might add that they're all things that fit in line with the issues Idaho's 1st District Democrat Larry Grant is campaigning on.
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