Sunday, April 02, 2006

Smelling blood in the ID-01 water

With the major thrust of my blog being feminist issues and Western liberal politics, you'd think I'd be the first to pick up on an Idaho Press-Tribune editorial written by an Idaho Republican 1st congressional district contender on the issue of abortion. (F-words: feminism, food, fact, fiction and fabortion?) I've been out cavorting and carousing lately, though, so it's a good thing there's Randy Stapilus of the Ridenbaugh Press (a stellar NW news site) to pick up on these things.

As primary season heats up, the race for the Republican nomination is becoming tighter, and candidates in the comparatively crowded Republican race are looking to distinguish themselves from one another. Keith Johnson has decided to wedge himself a spot in the race over the issue of abortion. From his editorial:
Voters have a clear choice in this election. On one extreme, candidate’s zealousness for his personal views resulted in his removal from the chairmanship of the legislative committee that hears abortion bills. His 15 years in the legislature have yet to result in meaningful pro-life legislation. We still have abortion on demand in Idaho, proving his ineffectiveness on the issue. On the other extreme, candidates have consistently voted pro-choice in the Idaho legislature. One thing I know is if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’re going to get the same results. It is time for new leadership on these issues.
Check out the Ridenbaugh Press' treatment of this piece for some background and who's-who.

Myself, I don't much care about the pro-life infighting (really, what else do they plan on doing while we still have Roe?), but the remaining sore feelings after a nasty primary certainly aren't going to help whoever gets the nomination when they go up against presumptive Democratic nominee Larry Grant. I'm guessing that the issue of choice isn't going to be very helpful for getting voters to cross party lines, but with the wide spectrum of anti-choice sentiment in this state, it might be enough to cause fissures in their base. I know that I've seen Sheila Sorensen billboards around Moscow, and she's had some criticism on this issue from some Idaho conservatives for a while now.

Call me a glass-half-empty kind of girl, but I am not ashamed of relishing the smell of blood in the water.

Oh, and Stapilus: congratulations on out F-wording F-words.
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