Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Never underestimate the nuttiness of your fellow constituents

Randy Stapilus at the Ridenbaugh Press has the numbers on the Republican 1st Congressional Distric Primary candidates' fundraising, and I have to say I'm surprised. Bill Sali, the guy who wouldn't know "constitutional" if it bit him in the ass, is the clear frontrunner when it comes to fundraising. Sheila Sorenson, the most moderate of the bunch, is second. I know that I've seen her campaign material all over Moscow, which makes me feel a lot better about the consciences of the Republican voters around here. She upsets loonies like the Idaho Values Alliance by often being functionally pro-choice and not tearing at the jugulars of any Democrat in sight. I have to say, if Democrat Larry Grant doesn't win the election, I would be absolutely mortified if Bill Sali were to be representing my district at a federal level. Sheila Sorenson, I could probably live with. Maybe.
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