Thursday, April 20, 2006

Human sacrifice

Louisiana is considering a statewide, no-exceptions abortion ban. "No exceptions" means no exceptions - not in the case of incest, not in the case of rape, and not in the case of a life-threatening pregnancy. I find this to be so repugnant I hardly know what to say. Especially grating is that this happens days after the publication of the truly horrifying NYT Magazine article about El Salvador's no-exceptions abortion ban. These legislators can't have missed the stories about physicians being forced to wait for ectopic pregnancies to burst, and botched home-cure abortions, and the fact that those with the money still have no trouble getting their abortions "on-demand."

It's like a national one-upsmanship contest to see who can ruin the most lives and trample on the most rights and maim the most women in the name of a zygote. How noble - let's sentence a woman to death for committing the crime of having a life-threatening pregnancy. It is a true coward who will martyr another for their own cause. This is a blood sacrifice offered to a cruel God in which most Americans do not believe. It's disgusting, un-American, inhuman, and entirely contemptible. When your belief system demands my flesh and pain and misery and subjugation, there is not something wrong with me for refusing to give it - there's something wrong with your belief system.

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