Friday, April 21, 2006

Evolution at work

The ever-disingenuous Will Saletan in his Human Nature column today says:
Sexual images subvert young men's ability to think. In a money game, men who were shown pictures of lingerie or sexy women accepted disadvantageous deals more often than did men who were shown non-sexual pictures. Men with higher testosterone levels, inferred from ring fingers that were long relative to their index fingers, did worse on the test. Interpretations: 1) Duh. 2) This is what evolution designed men to do. 3) Nevertheless, we can struggle to overcome it. 4) Researchers are having trouble finding images that mess up women the same way. What does that tell you?
Obviously, since human males have evolved to mate with panties and bustiers, this is a hard-wired biological reaction to stimuli in the environment. It could have nothing to do with the importance and myriad issues in our culture regarding sex. So please disregard men's misbehavior in the arena of sex - they can't help it.
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