Saturday, April 08, 2006

Bizarro! I love you! Bizarro! I love you!

If you ask me, the point at which Adult Swim jumped the shark was when Perfect Hair Forever first aired. You may quibble with where I place the jump, but you cannot deny that it has occurred. It still airs, however, and is viewed by millions of stoned fourteen-year-olds every night it is on. If you want to get in on that market, Something Awful has a fantastic guide to help you craft the caliber of entertainment that adult swim strives for. An excerpt:
1. The uglier the art and the shittier the animation, the funnier the show will be. Even if you somehow screw up everything else on this list, the sight of a poorly drawn guy moving jerkily will make your viewers laugh nonstop and also respect you for being too talented and ironic to waste your time and money on actual art.
Read the rest for your ticket to fame and fortune.

Oh wait, I meant shame and fortune. But without the fortune.
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