Saturday, March 04, 2006

You want this zygote? Go ahead and take it.

Tennessee is proposing legislation that would compel a woman seeking an abortion to notify the man by whom she became pregnant. I don't even know how this law could make sense. The guy has some claim to the little developing thing (and if she's going to have an abortion without telling him, it's probably very undeveloped) but he doesn't have the power to compel her to stay pregnant. The only fair solution to this conflict would be to collect the contents scraped out of the unfortunate gal's uterus and send it to the sperm donor. He wants it to become a whole, living, breathing baby? That's his responsibility. He doesn't have the physical capacity to do that? That's his bad luck - kind of like her bad luck for happening to get pregnant in the state of Tennessee.

(Link via Feministing)
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