Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Idaho Values Alliance knows where you live

Huckleberries Online picked up an interesting tidbit in a controversial upcoming school bond vote in North Idaho
Additional Info: The recent e-mail warns that 'the sanctioning of a Gay-Straight Alliance club at Lake City High School could create serious legal liability for the district.' The close of the communication warns that 'patrons should be asking Cd'A school district officials if they have thought through the legal risk issues before asking them to vote for a $39 million bond on Tuesday.'
If you haven't heard of them, the Idaho Values Alliance is a Boise-based anti-gay group that is famous for pushing the upcoming anti-gay marriage amendment. That they're hysterical enough about homosexuals living and breathing in their state to get involved in politics in a different time zone is bizarre, but this is not just advocacy - it's a threat. Who, exactly, would be harassing a school that has a GSA group? The Idaho Values Alliance, perhaps?

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