Saturday, March 18, 2006

I <3 Bloglines

I spend a lot lot lot of time reading news and news-related items on the internet. On any given day, I read at least 80% of the blogs on my blogroll, plus news sites like Slate, CNN, or the NYT. Whenever I tell people this, and also that I don't use any sort of news aggregator, they think I'm insane. But I swear, I've tried. I tried RSS with a program I downloaded onto my computer, but it wasn't very useful when I'd want to sneak a peek of the news during a bit of downtime at work. I tried Google's RSS reader and found it to be too graphics-intensive and therefore slow to navigate.

But I am the happiest girl in the world now that Bloglines has come into my life. It will aggregate the RSS/XML/atom/whatever stuff for you, is web-based but well put-together, and has a neat blog function that allows you to snip interesting bits out of what you read and stick it on a bloglines blog. When I have the time and attention to give to it, I plan on getting an F-Words supplementary blogline going where I can dump all the links and snippets I think are noteworthy but don't have any of my own commentary to add to. If you haven't been impressed with RSS so far, give Bloglines a whirl.
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