Thursday, March 30, 2006

A good time to help Democrat prospects in Congress... right now. The current fiscal quarter is ending March 31 at midnight, and it's an important fundraising benchmark by which future donors will decide how best to invest their donations. Please make sure you have swallowed any food or drink you may have in your mouth because I would like to suggest a donation to the Grant campaign for the 1st congressional seat in Idaho, even if you are not an Idahoan.

Before you scoff at Democratic prospects in this red state, consider a few things:

  1. Idaho has had a huge increase in population in the last few years, mostly to the urban (as urban as Idaho gets) area in and around Boise. Urban voters tend to go blue.
  2. Idaho's overall population is still quite small - put up a few billboards in Boise and you'll get half of the state and 3/4 of the district driving by them every day. A little money reaches a large percentage of the voters in the district.
  3. Approval of the Bush Administration has recently slipped 16% in the state - a new development, and a promising one for Democrats like me who smell blood in the water.
  4. Straight from Larry Grant, as reported in the excellent article anyone interested in Idaho politics absolutely must read from the Boise Weekly:

    ...To the best estimate, he says, the Idaho's First Congressional District has about 230,000 voters. It would take, he speculates, about 115,000 of those votes to win. In 2004, John Kerry got about 96,000 votes from the district. Go down to the legislative-level races, he said, and 118,000 people cast votes for Democrats.

    "Add some independents and disaffected Republicans," Grant says as he digs through his apple pie, "and it not only shows that a Democrat can win Congress but also in the State Legislature."

  5. The guy bought me a beer and sat down to talk about what I wanted out of a Congressman. That's some good politics.
  6. The seat Grant is competing for is open this term, so there is no incumbent to compete against.
Feeling more cheerful now? I know I am. If you're looking to get some bang for your buck, and help Democrats gain a seat in the House, I can't think of a much better way to do it. I'll even make it easy on you so you don't even have to scroll up to find that link again - click here to donate to the Grant campaign for Congress.
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