Friday, March 17, 2006

Charming Idaho News

I've been busy for the past few days, and am missing on all sorts of juicy news in Idaho politics. Luckily, the liberal Idaho blogosphere has been all over it.

  • Brandi Swindell, Barbie Against Abortion, has had a rough time selling anti-abortion legislation at the Idaho Capitol these days, and even got Speaker Newcomb a little hot and bothered.
  • Governor Dirk Kempthorne has been tapped for the US Secretary of Interior. His record on the environment is not too pretty, so I can see why he was picked.
  • Sheila Sorenson, a 1st district congressional candidate (R) has been pissing off her base by fraternizing with baby killers, flip-floppers, America-haters, and the like.
  • Idaho Senator Mike Crapo is recieving twice as many donations from the U.S. Virgin Islands as he is from Idahoans. (Link via loaded thoughts.)
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