Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cecil Andrus endorses Larry Grant; I do too

I'd been waiting to get some of the pictures before posting about the time I got to spend with Larry Grant, but the occasion today of Idaho's former governor Cecil Andrus endorsing Grant's candidacy for congress brings me to say: me too.

I met Mr. Grant last Wednesday at a meet-and-greet pizza party hosted by the Latah County Democrats. He gave a speech, shook some hands, and the 30-odd people there made for a nice, intimate crowd. It didn't exactly take twisting his arm to get him to come to Moscow's Drinking Liberally meeting that conveniently was set to happen just after the pizza party.

Over a pitcher of hefeweizen, myself and a good 10 of my peers got to sit down and talk to Mr. Grant about what politics concern us, both nationally and locally. I was very impressed that he was willing to engage with us - he didn't just parrot talking points to us or pretend to listen to our concerns. It was a real conversation with occasional but civil disagreements over what we think need to happen and what we think can happen. Besides being intellectually stimulating, it was also a lot of fun.

I don't mean to give the impression that I was simply star-struck, having a beer with a real live politician. Mr. Grant has some solid ideas about how an opposition party ought to work in Congress, where spending needs to be reigned in and where it can't, and how to tap into the liberal conscience of Idaho. Check out Grassroots for Grant for more info, and vote Grant in 2006.
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