Sunday, February 05, 2006

UK doctors: no fatties!

Big Fat Blog points to a survey that reports nearly 40% of UK doctors saying that obese patients should be refused treatment for joint pain or joint surgery.
Almost 40 per cent of doctors believe obese patients, smokers and heavy drinkers should be excluded from treatments, a new survey reveals.

The poll of 225 doctors found 39 per cent agreed with recent action taken by primary care trusts in Suffolk to bar obese people from joint surgery to cut costs.

The same proportion said the policy should be widened to exclude smokers and heavy drinkers from certain treatments, according to the British Medical Association News survey.
Remember that this is in a country with a public medical care system, so they are trying to distribute the limited resources in the most cost-effective way possible. Still, if you need a new hip, you need a new hip. Medical care is equally necessary for every person's survival, regardless of whether or not they contributed to their problem. I am a supporter of public medical care - I'd rather health care be rationed by a more reasonable criterion than how much money you have in the bank or what company you work for - but this the worst of boh worlds.

UPDATE: Talk about adding insult to injury. Check out the ad I saw to the side of the article.
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