Friday, January 06, 2006

Otter Tries to Weasel Out of Responsibility

Red State Rebels pointed out yesterday that Butch Otter, the Idaho Congressman who has been pushing for the sale of Idaho's public lands to private interests has flip-flopped and asked that his name be taken off the legislation that would have the Forest Service sell 15% of its land. Julie is right to point out that trying to erase his record of advocacy for the bill isn't enough - he has to fight against it if he is going to convince anyone that he really isn't in the pocket of private interests.

I certainly don't plan on forgetting this during his gubernatorial run, and I don't plan on letting anyone else forget it either. It's one thing to see that a particular legislative crusade a congressperson takes on is not favored by their constituents, and drop the crusade for the sake of the constituents. It's another to do the dirty work for your corporate backers by pushing the legislation to a vote and then try to take your name off the legislation so it can't be used against you in campaign ads. That's slimy and it's not going to work.
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