Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Moscow City Council to New Saint Andrews: Fuck you...or not

I didn't make it to last night's city council meeting, thinking it would just be a swearing in and punch drinking affair. Little did I know that punches would be thrown while the refreshments were left as the most forgettable part of the evening.

From today's Lewiston Tribune:
What happened was newly elected councilor Aaron Ament waited until the swearing-in ceremonies had ended to unceremoniously make a motion to place a moratorium on conditional-use permit applications for all educational institutions and commercial schools in the downtown business sector.

The motion passed 4-3, but was soon revoked with new Mayor, Nancy Chaney's vote deciding that the moratorium not be passed. It does not sound like it's been completely abandoned, however. The Trib:
In the end, Chaney said she switched her vote because she wasn't comfortable with imposing a moratorium without first giving a 15-day notice for a public hearing on the issue.

The article ends with the information that the new council will be away on a retreat this Sunday and Monday. Oh, to be a fly on that wall.
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