Thursday, January 19, 2006

Did you know...?

That using contraception or being sterilized can lead to...

A loss of sexual desire

Questioning your love for your spouse

Physical sickness, such as blood clots, strokes,

heart attacks, blindness and even death.

Mental and emotional instability


Irresponsibility in other areas of life

Early abortions caused by the use of the pill,

IUD, Norplant, and Ru 486

Pressure to have sex

Destruction of faith and a rejection of God and the church

Dislike for children

Disrespect of women

Disrespect of men

Guilt and blame

Resentment, bitterness and the feeling of being used

Isolation in one’s relationship with spouse and family

Destruction of family life

Birth defects

Sexual addiction which makes you more

vulnerable to promiscuous behavior

Abusive sexual behavior and selfish sexual behavior

Neither did I. Thanks, Internet. Thanks a lot.
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