Sunday, January 29, 2006


The Happy Feminist has been lucky enough to be harangued by one of the common feminist blog trolls: the "I'm just here to help," troll. He's very much a proponent of female rights, of course, but he has a few quibbles with the feminist movement. Luckily, we've got him around to help us out so we can truly reach "our" goals. Feminists need to be more polite and less "churlish," so that people will finally pay attention to us.

Right, not speaking our minds in public worked really well for women. What feminists need to do is just wait, and things will naturally fall into place for us.

When your argument against feminism is that it's not cute enough, I am not especially compelled. After all, if that's the only problem you have, I'll go ahead and quash misogyny, thank you. I didn't see until today when I read HF that this troll has begun an all-out assault on churlishness in the feminist movement. Maybe we'll one day appreciate the irony that what feminism needs is to follow the directions of a man.

UPDATE: My husband pointed out that this post could be construed as saying that I don't listen to critics. I do try, and I think the best aspect of blogging is the dialogue. I just don't think this particular churlishness problem is relevant. Looking at Richard's blog, he finds a lot of normal, well-accepted feminist thought and rhetoric to be offensive. Methinks he's more concerned with the message than the degree of churlitude. And I should note that this particular species of troll "supports women's rights," but does not call him or herself a feminist. Disagree with me all you want, but when you make this obvious a demonstration of your distaste for womens' rights, you'd better stop kidding yourself before you really expect me to engage.
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