Monday, December 19, 2005

Tammy Duckworth for Congress!

Speaking of hot ladies, Tammy Duckworth has caught my eye today, and I can't stop ogling her determination and credentials. From yesterday's press release:

Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth of Hoffman Estates today announced her candidacy to represent Illinois’ Sixth District in the U.S. Congress, saying she wants to continue fighting for her country by providing new leadership and greater accountability in confronting tough choices facing the nation.


Duckworth, a member of the Illinois Army National Guard who lost both her legs
when the Black Hawk helicopter she was piloting was shot down near Baghdad in
November 2004, began considering a run for public office while recovering from her
injuries at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in suburban Maryland.


Notwithstanding the fact that the U.S. made the wrong decision in invading Iraq,
Duckworth said we cannot just pull up stakes at this point and leave the country
vulnerable to terrorists and even greater chaos. She favors a three-pronged strategy for withdrawal that differs sharply with the Bush administration’s vague, open-ended
• Better and more aggressive preparation of Iraqi security forces
• Making it clear to the Iraqi people that we will withdraw and have no interest in
being an occupation force
• Establishing clear benchmarks for achieving certain security goals tied to
reductions in U.S. forces.

Yow! A female solider returned from combat with ideas, zeal, and courage. Her candidacy is in its infancy, but I am very excited to see its progress.

If I may gush with premature excitement, can anyone say first female president?
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