Tuesday, December 06, 2005

New Concepts in Contraception

I read feministing.com every day, and have been surprised to see that the general reaction to new ideas in contraception is not a good one. The spray condom is too weird, sperm-zapping sounds too scary, IUDs are scary, having a sticker on your bum isn't very cool, etc.

I realize that contraception you're comfortable with is difficult for many to find (check out The Well-Timed Period for lots of interesting reproductive health info), but I'm surprised at the almost universal negative reactions to new options and ideas in birth control. I guess I'm a bit of a technophile, and I think all of these are pretty cool-sounding. I've used a low-hormone pill for years, and it's treated me very nicely, so I haven't had many misadventures in contraception. For backup, I've been eyeing the sponge (it sounds so soft and comfy), but haven't braved it as of yet.

So, I wonder what will satisfy people when it comes to contraception. What trade-offs do you currently think are acceptable? What's a disadvantage that's a deal-breaker? Am I just being dazzled by new ideas and ignoring big problems?
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